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ordering / quoting

Please send us your artwork or sketch on paper or in a PC format: CDR, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PDF. When emailing, kep your image attachments under 10MB size, but large enough to show the details clearly. 

We will send you an obligation free quote for your approval. Every effort is made to keep our prices competitive, whilst insuring the best materials and the finest workmanship. There is usually no minimum order requirement, and our quote is valid for 30 days. All quotes and artwork prepared by us are our property; they are provided for our customers only and must not be shared with a third party.

Check out the available colours.
Some shapes of flags and banners
Horizontal (landscape) banner or flag

The standard flag, unless you specify something different, is a 1800mm x 900mm horizontal bunting flag, mirror-image, with heading on the left, with nylon clips.

The standard banner, unless otherwise specified, is a vertical bunting banner, one-sided and lined, with an invisible rod sleeve at the top. 
Vertical (portrait) banner or flag

Almost any size. Some popular sizes are 800mm x 1200mm and 900mm x 1300.
With or without fringe. With or without an opening at the back of the rod sleeve.
Please let us know if you want any other decoration for your banner. The bottom edge may be straight, round, V-shape, scalloped or custom made:
Custom shape
Straight V-shape Round Swallow tail
Pennant or burgee
Any size and shape. With clips, rope loops or open sleeve. 
Mirror-image or double-sided (two layers).
Main types of flags and banners

Mirror image 
The standard way to sew a flag. Artwork looks the same on each side of the single-layer flag except that on the reverse side it appears as a mirror-image. Unless otherwise specified, we make your flag this way.
Please email your artwork to us for a free quote.
Two sided
Artwork is appliquéd separately on two pieces of field, and they are then hemmed together to form a flag. This is most suited for flags and banners which are displayed vertically, hanging down rather than flying. Text reads correctly from both sides, but consider the extra weight and cost of the flag. 
One sided with backing
A method most commonly used in banners which are displayed on a banner stand. Artwork is appliquéd on one side and the banner is then lined. Unless you specify otherwise, we make your banner this way.
Other details
Woven polyester flag bunting - outdoor quality Materials
We most often use durable, Australian Defence Force quality woven polyester bunting for your flag or banner. See the colours. Other colours, and fabrics such as satin, silk, wool crepe or nylon, may be available on request. 
Heading is usually sewn at the left hand side of the flag. However, sometimes it is better to have the heading on the right hand side. Contact us if you are not sure.
Rod sleeves
Rod sleeves can be sewn at sides of the banner, or at top, or top and bottom. For a vertical banner we normally use our invisible top sleeve - usually no visible stitching at the front of the banner.

Eyelets (grommets)
In each corner, top corners, along the top. Let us know where you want them.

plastic Inglefield clip swivel clip

Nylon or metal Inglefield clips, metal swivel clips. Unless otherwise requested, we use the nylon clips for your flag. We only use the highest quality Australian made clips.

Sew Many Flags - the complete flagmaker's manual If you need more information about designing your flag or a banner, our flagmaker's manual, 'Sew Many Flags' by Anja McGifford, is a good investment for you. ISBN: 978-952-5424-19-5  

This book is currently out of print but you may find it from book shops.
Other books from Anja McGifford
Glossary of Arts and Crafts in Finnish and English, published by Porvoon Julmapaino, Finland

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