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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact Artelina Sewn Flags?
By emailing us you ensure the quickest response - usually within 24 hours. If you haven't heard from us, we probably never received your message. Please keep your attachments under 10mb in size - otherwise your message may be rejected. 

Do you make printed flags?
No, we don't. We make high quality fully sewn flags and banners - seamed, appliquéd or embroidered. All the flags and banners you see on our website are manually sewn, some even partly hand embroidered with a needle and thread.

Aren't made-to-order flags and banners more expensive than those bought off the shelf?
Not necessarily. Our overheads are low compared to those of large factory-type organizations. 

Are sewn flags more expensive than printed flags?
Usually not. There are no set up costs. All you are paying for is the materials and the time it takes to sew the artwork. Only when you want a large number of the same design produced, printing may become the more economical option. Embroidery and/or appliqué is often the most economical and certainly the most attractive option for your flags and banners.

How much would it cost to have a custom flag made?
Each flag/banner is different. When calculating the price we consider the size, colours, complexity of design, materials, urgency, and the number of flags in the order. So please send your artwork and your details, and we will send you a quote.

Could you give a ball park figure (between two approx figures) for the cost of some banners? We need to know how much money to raise.
It is not possible to give a price without seeing the details of your job. Our quotes are free of charge, so please send us your artwork, and you will get an accurate quote for your particular order. 

How do I know that a flag or a banner I buy is of high quality?
Every item we make is individually tailored, with care, by the same person from start to finish. We know how to cut and how to sew, what material and techniques to use. Our flags and banners simply last longer. We know our products inside out, every step, every detail, and can offer you something you are proud to display, and we are proud to sew the Artelina label on. This is how we make a quality flag or a banner for you:
The hems are folded and sewn neatly. They should be even width all the way, stitching even in stitch length and tension, and the distance of stitches at even distance from the edge. The sewing thread should be strong, and not pull the fabric together. No fabric threads should be sticking out from the hems. The corners are turned neatly, the fly end first, then the sides. The fly end is reinforced with extra stitching.

The seams are sewn neatly and are even width.

The material is high quality; polyester bunting or other type of outdoor quality material, or in the case of indoor banners it may also be high quality satin, silk, wool or other excellent fabric. 

The flag is cut along the grain. Look at the edge of the flag - can you follow one thread all along it? If you can, it means that it was cut along the grain. The flag will keep its shape and will last longer than a flag carelessly cut. We cut every piece by hand, unlike some factories where many layers of fabric are cut at once. 

Fringe is neatly sewn and doesn't pull the edge of the banner.

Clips are quality clips, brass or nylon, made in Australia.

What qualifications do you have as a flagmaker?
Artelina Sewn Flags has been in operation since 1998. The proprietor, Anja McGifford, is a sewing teacher and designer, qualified at Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences, a school with 120-year history as the main training institution for artist crafts professionals in Finland. 

She is also the author of the complete flagmaker's manual 'Sew Many Flags'. The second edition of this book is now available from Porvoon Julmapaino, Finland. They are also the publisher of Anja McGifford's English-Finnish craft dictionary.

Do you make the Australian Aboriginal flag? 
You can find further information from the net about copyright matters relating to this particular flag. We have sewn this beautiful flag as a subcontractor for the licence holder in the past. Normally a typical national flag or flags representing ethnic groups, regions or communities have been developed over a long period of time, and the designer/s of the original flag has been pleased to allow anyone to manufacture, sell and fly the flag, free of copyright. In other words, these flags now belong to their community or group whether the original designer is known or not. 

Most national flags are free from copyright and anyone can manufacture, sell and display them. These differ from specially designed flags for private individuals, groups and organisations, where a copyright may have been acquired which restricts anyone from selling them. Often the copyright is to protect the corporation and/or a product from unauthorised use or exposure. But sometimes the copyright is used for the purpose of financial gain.

I would like to have a flag but wouldn't like to pay much. What should I do?
Making a flag yourself may be a hassle-free option for you. Many flags are easy to sew. Our Flagmaker's Manual 'Sew Many Flags' may be helpful to you. 

Sew Many Flags
The Complete Flagmaker's Manual

by Anja McGifford


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