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proudly made in Australia with Scandinavian skill
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David, Wyoming, USA
Just a quick note to let you know that I'm in receipt of my flags and all I can say is WOW! As somebody who has been collecting flags since he was two years old, I've bought flags from manufacturers throughout the globe and I have never come across any made with such fine craftsmanship and attention to detail as yours. I'm thoroughly impressed and plan to return to you many more times in the future for all of my custom flag needs.

Please feel free to add my comments to your CV of very happy and satisfied customers!

Thanks for the excellent work!

Keir, Peking, China
I am very happy with the flag. The photos you displayed of it on eBay did not do justice to the amount of effort and skill that went into it. It's one thing to see a flat 2 dimensional picture, quite another to actually hold the work in one's hands to see the texture of the fabric, the care in stitching the pieces together and, above all, the beautiful pieces appliquéd on. Little things like seeing the writing read correctly both sides of the flag. The tiny fleur-des-lis on the Scottish device. The different materials used; rather than using the same material out of convenience for the red South African parts of its shield, choosing the ones best suited to have the optimal effect. The little stars cut out in the cross of the Australian shield. It's all the more impressive when I read your book and see what is actually required to make a proper ensign from hemming to sizing each piece, let alone all the various other parts for such an ambitious flag. Although I doubt I would ever fly it, I am also surprised as to how flexible it is; not the cumbersome 1kg sheet I was expecting. Of all my flags, it's the beautiful one I have (rivalled only by the Governor-General ones you made me which have the advantage of simplicity in design). You can quote me for your website as one who has now bought four flags from you! 

My only problem now is finding a suitable place to put it to do justice.

Alex & Paula, Victoria, Australia
We just wanted to let you know that we have received the banner and it is absolutely fantastic. You did a great job and it is even better than we had imagined!!

We are really looking forward to hanging it at our wedding and it will remain in our family for a long time to come.

Thanks again!!!

Wilma, Queensland, Australia
We received our banner today.
I was very pleased with the result! The school captains were impressed and the principal and deputy thought our new banner would do us proud!

The quality of work is very good and I thought the art work was excellent. Thank you so much.

Lis, Brisbane, Australia
We've received your banners, and I would like to thank you for the excellent quality! They look fantastic, and should we need any more, we will certainly be returning to you.

Liz, Brisbane, Australia
Thank you most sicerely for finishing the flags so promptly. They are absolutely beautiful! We were so impressed with how quickly you were able to complete them for us. Thank you also for delivering them and not charging postage - that was lovely of you. We are looking forward to displaying them on our open day and using them for various other school celebrations following that.

Many thanks once again for your efforts. it is very much appreciated!!

Susanne, Queensland, Australia
I received the banners this week and think they are absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for the work that you have done for me. The school principal was very impressed and we will most likely be ordering some more from you in the future.

Paul, Victoria, Australia

The banner has arrived. it looks magnificient. Thanks for the hard work. Will take pride of place in our school foyer especially this year for our 25th anniversary celebrations. Will recommend you to others and if we need more work, will be in touch.

Margaret, New South Wales, Australia
When we arrived at work today the flag was waiting for us. We were most impressed with the quality of your work. Thanks so much!

Stephen, New South Wales, Australia

The banner is very well made. Thank you for your expertise and care in its production.

Kristy, Australian Capital Territory
I have received the banners and they look wonderful. Thank you so much for your hard work. We look forward to displaying them all now. Yes, it was an absolute pleasure.

Leslie, California, USA

I received my banner last week and it is absolutely beautiful! I will be so proud to have it hung when our association meets. great job!

Christine, Queensland, Australia
Received the banner yesterday. It really is lovely! 
Thank you for your prompt service. We look forward to doing business with you again.

Keir, Peking, China
I received the flags two days ago. OUTSTANDING! I am so impressed! The small ensign is far beyond what I'd expected or could have hoped for. I'd assumed that the shield would be simply a single piece of fabric with the image printed on and then appliqued, not that each device would be individually sewn. It looks fantastic - there is no way i could ever find such a flag like that anywhere else. The colours are stark and vibrant.

The Indian Viceroy flag looks better than what you show on your site; the matierial is much heavier and more like the proper old flags than any I could find elsewhere. The image you show made me think the fabric was thinner - i think you should have more photos on your site to show off your work and how you make your flags. Again, from the photo it looked like the Star of India was just a single piece of fabric sewn onto the flag; there's no indication about the quality of the matierial and attention to detail.

I can't articulate how happy I am with the flags; I really think you should show off more of your flags on your site to do justice to your work. Thank you so very much. i'm considering my next flag... (think I'll just enjoy these for the moment).

Kathy, Queensland, Australia
Thank you so much for the banner... it is great! There are difficulties involved in living in regional areas... certain services are lacking and so we very much appreciate the service that you were able to offer us. I hope our banner generates business for you as we will certainly gladly tell anyone who asks where we got it!

Kirstin, New South Wales, Australia
Thank you so much for your fantastic craftsmanship and speedy delivery of the flags. The recipient absolutely loves them and he is a very hard man to please. They look fantastic!
Thank you very much.

Keir, Peking, China

I'm sorry for all the extra work I have put you through. (We sent the customer a photo of the flag before it was posted and he said he would have done one detail slightly differently. We unpicked the detail and fixed it.) I would have been delighted with the flag you had earlier shown me; it takes pride of place on my sites. Someone emailed me to say "WOW!! Who's making these flags for you?" 

What you just sent me is perfect. You told me that no flag is ever perfect, but I dispute that after already having your Viceroy and QLD flags. I must say I have had lots of responses esp. from expats here. 

Again, I'm sorry for all the trouble. I wish though you could have seen my face when I saw your latest attachment! (A picture of the flag fixed to his specifications.)

Many thanks.

The first version of a flag.
The second flag, after unpicking the crown and the red stripe and redoing it.
Sew Many Flags
The Complete Flagmaker's Manual

by Anja McGifford

Published in Brisbane, 2004,
by Artelina Sewn Flags. 
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