The flag is 900mm x 1800mm, fully sewn.
British Empire flag
The buyer of this special flag wrote:

"I am very happy with the flag. The photos you displayed of it on eBay did not do justice to the amount of effort and skill that went into it. It's one thing to see a flat 2 dimensional picture, quite another to actually hold the work in one's hands to see the texture of the fabric, the care in stitching the pieces together and, above all, the beautiful pieces appliquéd on. Little things like seeing the writing read correctly both sides of the flag. The tiny fleur-des-lis on the Scottish device. The different materials used; rather than using the same material out of convenience for the red South African parts of its shield, choosing the ones best suited to have the optimal effect. The little stars cut out in the cross of the Australian shield. It's all the more impressive when I read your book and see what is actually required to make a proper ensign from hemming to sizing each piece, let alone all the various other parts for such an ambitious flag. Although I doubt I would ever fly it, I am also surprised as to how flexible it is; not the cumbersome 1kg sheet I was expecting. Of all my flags, it's the beautiful one I have (rivalled only by the Governor-General ones you made me which have the advantage of simplicity in design). You can quote me for your website as one who has now bought four flags from you! 

My only problem now is finding a suitable place to put it to do justice."


Please see feedback from other customers too.
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